Friday, April 25, 2008

Hey, I'm Miranda

My name is Miranda, and I will try to describe myself I guess. . . I am a social person, with rather dynamic characteristics. I enjoy the company of others, and I enjoy laughter. I like to be active, and savor the outdoors. I often find myself in leadership roles, and always starting a new project. I try to pull away from routine, and toward spontaneity. I am highly creative, and often dote in hands on projects, the messier the better. I am somewhat of an artist, I love to read, and write. Im looking for a man who can be my soul mate & playmate! A man with great integrity and the strength to stand up for causes he believes in. That he has an insatiable curiosity about life, which leads him to have a wide variety of interests and hobbies. He may be shy and a little hard to get to know. But he makes it worth the effort. One-on-one, he is very warm, easygoing and understanding. Is it just me or does it seems to be rather quiet on here. . .:-/


cruelenelcartel said...

Eu poderia usar o mesmo post igualzinho...quando o encontrar, digo te onde crescem...

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